Blackrock Mining Solutions (BMS) provides professional technical consulting and contracting services to both the mining and civil sectors. Our aim is to deliver quality solutions to our clients by providing a full range of services across the geotechnical and mining disciplines.  BMS provides a range of geotechnical services to the coal mining industry, including strata characterisation, operational geology and geotechnical consulting, along with having extensive experience in mining method selection studies, mine planning and reserve optimisation.  In addition, we specialise in project management and the delivery of project outcomes to clients expectations, particularly in conjunction with our specialist drilling division.

The drilling division has a wide range of expertise in ground pre-consolidation services, fault delineation and gas conformance testing, as well as certain geotechnical testing and core sampling.  BMS also provides a range of geological services to the mining industry, including; exploration planning, exploration management, rig supervision, resource evaluation and mining reconciliation.

BMS has senior level staff with many years of experience in the Geotechnical and Coal Mining industries within both Australia and New Zealand – including basins in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian coalfields, along with New Zealand’s various coal basins.

Furthermore, Blackrock Geotechnical, a subsidiary of BMS, provides geotechnical and geological services to the civil engineering industry, including; site investigation services, geotechnical drilling/coring, geological logging of rock/soil core and the generating of geotechnical reports under a chartered professional engineer.

Please see the various tabs contained in this website for more information, as well as viewing the various case studies on the services that Blackrock Mining Solutions can provide.


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